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Ambassador PSP (Profit Share Program)

Are you motiv8ed to spread the good news of Jesus Christ? Become a brand ambassador / Influencer of the Christ Clout Brand today and you will receive 20% of your sales and help spread a positive and inspiring message. You will make recurring revenue each month. Make one sale and get paid each month for the remainder of the life of that sale. You will make in total $96 per sale/per year selling a $40 a month subscription, which includes 3 premium items each month. 

 Motiv8 is a great opportunity for fundraising whether you are trying to raise money for your Church, youth group, mission trip or organization. The Christ Clout Branded subscription is a great opportunity to raise money selling an amazing selection of premium products while spreading the good news. Make 20% of each sale you make and with our yearly subscription paid in advance you will get to your goal fast and your customer will get an additional free gift. Become a member and start promoting today! 

 Motiv8 can help you achieve financial success by selling subscriptions. You will earn 20% of sales and help spread the gospel on a monthly basis. This opportunity is unique because for every sale you are getting paid monthly for the life of the customer. This is a great product that never gets old. Customers will receive not only apparel but inspirational messages that they will inspire them and others around them.